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Precautions for children’s room renovation

By August 1, 2021No Comments

How to avoid formaldehyde pollution after renovation in children’s room?

①The volume of the furniture should not exceed 50% of the room. The artificial furniture should be strictly sealed and all double-sided tape should be used. Children’s clothing should be sealed and packaged in the new furniture. When buying furniture, it is best to choose solid wood furniture. Furniture paint is best to be water-based. When buying, you should see if there is a formaldehyde test report.
②The decoration of children’s rooms should be scientific, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In particular, be careful not to build a platform, do not lay carpets, do not make ceilings, and use less colored paints and coatings. The brighter the colors, the higher the content of medium metal substances in the paint and coatings. These heavy metal substances are easy to come into contact with children. Causes lead and mercury poisoning, so it is best to use water-based paints and coatings for children’s rooms, and the price may be higher
③Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children’s products and clothing, such as room curtains, newly purchased clothing, fabric furniture, fabric toys, etc.
④Pay attention to the ventilation of the children’s room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows should be installed with top-rotating ventilation devices. Ventilation devices should be installed in rooms with poor ventilation, and ventilation should be maintained in the morning and evening every day, each time for more than half an hour.
⑤Do a good job of indoor formaldehyde detection and treatment. Newly decorated children’s rooms should be ventilated and purified. They should be tested and checked according to the standards before moving in. For indoor environmental purification treatment, professional opinions must be listened to, and qualified purification treatment products should be selected to prevent secondary damage. Sub-pollution.
⑥Do not pave plastic floors in children’s rooms. Some foam plastic products (similar to slippers) on the market, such as floor puzzles, will release a large amount of volatile organic substances, which may affect the health of children.