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① Principle of formaldehyde detection

Japan KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO KITAGAWA ASP-1200 air sampling pump, with a wide flow rate setting range of 10 to 1200 ml/min and a powerful pump, is combined with a disposable formaldehyde test tube reagent for detection. The test tube will change color with the concentration of formaldehyde, making the result more efficient and accurate.

▴ Formaldehyde detection test tube (Comparison before and after detection)

② Product introduction

Japan KITAGAWA’s quality control system has obtained international certification long before the establishment of the ISO9000S system, which can be traced back to the certification of the US government agency NIOSH.

▴ KITAGAWA ASP-1200 product information

The company began to use it for testing tubes in 1973, established an ISO9000S quality system, and passed factory inspections. Meanwhile, the company is working hard to enhance the quality control system by conducting ISO9001 factory inspections twice a year. The head office and Aizu Aizu Co., Ltd. have also obtained ISO14001 certification. The certification scope is as follows: the development, design, manufacture and maintenance of detection tubes, gas measuring instruments and related equipment.

③ Application field

▴ Cases of formaldehyde detection

Japan KITAGAWA ASP-1200 air sampling pump is suitable for the detection of formaldehyde concentration in various places

  • Indoor formaldehyde concentration detection in homes, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, office buildings, nursing homes and other public places;
  • Formaldehyde content detection of pollutants in furniture, floors, wallpapers, blankets, paints, gardening, and interior decoration materials;
  • On-site quantitative determination of formaldehyde in dyes, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, antiseptic, disinfection, fertilizers, resins, adhesives and pesticides, raw materials, samples, processes and production workshops and living places.

④ 客戶服務

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