Commercial post renovation cleaning

Ready to move into a new office to, but the dust is billowing and the cleaning service is NOT ready? To clean the office after renovation, a professional cleaning team is needed. Does the paint, cement stains and the cleanliness of the glass windows after renovation bother you?

Except from household, office is where you spend the most time. We hope not only to provide quality service, but also to provide exquisite and sincere service, because we hope that you not only spend your working time neatly, but also want to enrich your time. Therefore, Cleanse has prepared a series of commercial post cleaning services for you.

Post renovation cleaning is a professional cleaning service that experienced cleaners utilize cleaning materials, and also deal with different dirt and conditions of cleaning areas. Cleaning before moving into a new house is an important first step, and choosing an experienced cleaning company is also an important part. Our professional team has extensive experience in cleaning dust, window wiping, stain removal and deep cleaning.

Attentive service

All cleaners are committed to provide intimate service to guests and strive to be polite so that we can provide professional and efficient service.

 Staff training

Our cleaners have undergone comprehensive training, knowledge of dirt, detergents and materials, as well as knowledge of house cleaning techniques, and strive to provide customers with a clean space.


Commercial post renovation cleaning

  • Clean plaster and concrete dirt
  • Remove dust from all surfaces of floors, walls and furniture
  • Clean the ceiling lamp trough and lighting
  • Clean toilet taps, mirrors, and toilets
  • Clean the inside and outside of the cabinet
  • Clean the dust in indoor and outdoor corners

Minimum charge 2 cleaners for 5 hours.Starting from $2,500