Post renovation cleaning

Planning to move into a new house, but you have NOT done the cleaning service? To clean your home after renovation or before moving in, a professional cleaning service is needed. Are you worrying about the paint, cement stains and the cleaning of windows after renovation?

No matter how long you stay at home, living space is the most important and relaxing place for everyone. We are hoping not only to provide quality service, but also provide exquisite and sincere service, as we hope that you are not only spending time neatly, and hope to enrich your time. Therefore, Cleanse has prepared a series of post-renovation cleaning services for you.

Post renovation cleaning is a professional cleaning service that experienced cleaners utilize cleaning materials, and also deal with different dirt and conditions of cleaning areas. Cleaning before moving into a new house is an important first step, and choosing an experienced cleaning company is also an important part. Our professional team has extensive experience in cleaning dust, window wiping, stain removal and deep cleaning.

Attentive service

All cleaners are committed to provide intimate service to guests and strive to be polite so that we can provide professional and efficient service.

 Staff training

Our cleaners have undergone comprehensive training, knowledge of dirt, detergents and materials, as well as knowledge of house cleaning techniques, and strive to provide customers with a clean space.


Post renovation cleaning

  • Living room: furniture/floor/light/foot line/light trough/ceiling
  • Room: Cabinet board/Closet inside and outside/Bed frame/Night table
  • Kitchen: Range hood/inside and outside refrigerator/kitchen cabinet/cooking stove/tile
  • Bathroom: Exhaust fan/Bathtub/Vat/Sink/Toilet cleaning/Floor tiles/Wall tiles/Mirror
  • Others: Vacuuming/Mopping the Floor/Electric Fan/Air Conditioner Dust Screen/Gate/Steel Gate/Corner Line/Inner Window/ Outside Window (within the safety zone)

Minimum charge 2 cleaners for 5 hours.Starting from $2,500

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