Commercial formaldehyde & VOC removal

As there are not enough ventilation in newly renovated office, people may always feel that the smell after renovation is strong and makes them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it is because of formaldehyde or other harmful gases, for the health and safety of employees, you can find a professional formaldehyde removal company to adopt formaldehyde testing. If any over-standard situation is found, it is recommended to arrange the formaldehyde removal service in time.

High quality Japan imported Non-Photoactive Catalyst

Cleanse adopts a new type of air purification product imported from Japan, refined from inorganic raw material ultra-nano micro-molecular phosphate titanium dioxide compound. This product breaks through the limitation that photocatalyst must be excited by light. It can uninterruptedly exert excellent and LONG-LASTING “Formaldehyde removal, odor removal, deodorization and antibacterial” effects for 24 hours in the absence of light, achieving the decomposition of  indoor harmful substances into ( Carbon dioxide + water) purification process. The Non-Photoactive catalyst result can last for 5 years or above. It is safe, non-toxic and no secondary pollution, also one of the most advanced environmentally friendly air purification sprays.

More accurate Formaldehyde detector

Japan KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO KITAGAWA ASP-1200 air sampling pump, with a wide flow rate setting range of 10 to 1200 ml/min and a powerful pump, is combined with a disposable formaldehyde test tube reagent for detection. The test tube will change color with the concentration of formaldehyde, making the result more efficient and accurate.


Commercial formaldehyde and VOC removal service

  • Spraying three layers including "Basic Layer" , "Purification Layer" and "Air deodorant"
  • Construction scope: all furniture, walls, ceilings, and sources of formaldehyde
  • Adopting Japan KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO ASP-1200 / Japan Riken Keiki FP-31 to measure the formaldehyde readings before and after construction
  • Cleanse reassurance programme
  • PDF Testing report and certificate will be provided

Discounted $6/sq. ft..Minimum charge $2,400

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Measuring formaldehyde readings

Adopting Japan KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO ASP-1200 / Japan Riken Keiki FP-31 to measure the formaldehyde readings, combined with a disposable formaldehyde test tube reagent for detection.

Discounted starting from $900.$120/measurement afterwards

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Precautions for removing formaldehyde
① Remember to open all cabinets and close windows for 8 hours or more before measuring.
② Please clean before removing formaldehyde, and there should be no dust and oil stains on the surface .
③ When new furnishings arrive, NO sundries can be placed in the cabinet.
④ It is recommended not to wipe any surface within 24-48 hours after the construction.
⑤ It is generally recommended to move in 24-48 hours after the construction, or it may take a long time due to weather and other factors.
⑤ Open windows and fans after the project to make indoor air flow.
⑥ Try to open windows for ventilation and open curtains daily.
⑦ People and pets are NOT recommended to stay on site when removing formaldehyde.
⑧ Our staff will choose different construction products, weights and methods depending on the severity of the unit’s pollution.
⑨ The validity period of the product can be more than 5 years^. One-time formaldehyde removal project can decompose formaldehyde and VOC for a long time. Since the formaldehyde release rate may be affected by temperature, humidity or other environmental factors, the formaldehyde readings may change, so we provide reassurance programme , to ensure that the formaldehyde reading is within the safe level (0.08ppm or above is over the standard).