γ – Air Purifying Liquid (Paint, furniture deodorant)


DIY Deodorize Kit includes:
γ – Air Purifying Liquid (Paint, furniture deodorant)
1L: $900
500ml: $480

Effectively target a variety of gases after renovation. Fast decomposition. Long-lasting effect.

This product is a very unique deodorant that can be used to remove a variety of peculiar smells without the need for additional flavors. The ingredients are safe. It is an ideal choice for most deodorizing products in the household and industrial fields.

Continuously capture and decompose the formation of odor molecules, and the effect is long lasting.

Various plant extracts (persimmon extract, soybean protein extract, aloe extract, lemongrass extract), surfactants, deionized water, etc.

③Scope of application:
In terms of deodorization of home decoration pollution, deodorization of paint, board furniture, wallpaper, wallpaper, leather, and carpets, and deodorization of homes, hotels and cars.
*Electrical appliances, calligraphy, paintings, metal devices, etc. are not recommended for construction. *

A variety of experimental reports confirmed that it is harmless to humans and animals, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-irritating to the skin. The antibacterial rate is as high as 97.3%.

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